Our heritage began in the summer of 1966. One person namely Mother Laura webb along with Rudy Moody and Alvis Webb came from Roanoke Rapids,North Carolina possibly in 1963 to live with her daughter Emma Webb Clark.She search for place for her and her family to worship.She worship for while at Alder Logan's church,but that church was not the Church Of Christ.

In 1965 Sister Jean Sledge (Wilson) after graduating high school came to Asbury Park ,New jersey to live with one of the saints missionary Elnora Cherry.She stay with them and attend Kelly's temple Church Of Christ.After finding out that Mother Laura Webb was in Paterson NJ,she moved here. Many times expressing her desire to be in Church Of Christ,Bishop Ernest along with Sis.Bessy Kelly decided to come over from Queens NY to look for place to worship in Paterson NJ.

Bishop Kelly along with his wife Mother Laura Webb,Ruddy Moody,Alvis Webb and Jean Sledge the Church Of Christ was established in the city of Paterson NJ in 1966.

The place of worship at 259 Grahan ave become too small ,the were forced to look for a larger place to serve the Lord .In summer of 1976 a they found a place an old Jewish Synagogue the lord blessed and here we are today.

Bishop Ernest Kelly led this congregation for fourteen years.Elder Ivory Kelly became pastor.From 1979 to 1990 he lead this church. In july 1990 Elder Tomie Brown and family (Evang,Ernestine,Trumaine,Tishana,Tiffaine,Tifarah and Tyrone Brown) were wellcomed.Elder Brown was as fresh young buck ready to take over the Helms of this shop to take it on to a higher calling in Chirst Jesus.He incouraged the people to work and be dutiful in paying their tithes and offering according to His word,God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessing.

But beyond all the history the role of this church this sanctuary plays in the rhythm of our lives continue as a beacon for us.