Assembly for Worship


Worship for a Christian involves much more than a gathering of the church for a public worship assembly. Our worship to God occurs in our day to day lives as we try to do the best we can to please and glorify Him in all aspects of our lives each day. This individual worship however is not enough, we are instructed to gather each first day of the week.

It is in this weekly gathering that we share our corporate worship with one another in the presence of Christ. Our worship services are intimate and focused upon praising God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Many are pleasantly surprised with the simplicity and beauty of our worship patterned after the examples found in the New Testament.

We invite you to come experience first hand what we believe to be an exact replica of worship as observed by First Century Christians.

Sunday School 10am to 11:15

1st Sunday Pastoral Day 11:30am

2nd Sunday Youth Day 11:30am

3rd Sunday Missionary Day 11:30am

3rd Sunday Sunday Afternoon 4pm

4th Sunday Church Day 11:30am

Wednesday Nights Prayer & Bible Study 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Friday Night Evangelistic Service 8pm